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Welcome to the All Saints baptism page.

Are you planning a church baptism?

New parents?

Take heart!  Arranging a baptism at All Saints’ church, Hindley, is not at all as daunting a prospect as it may seem.

First of all, come along to the Parish Office.  This is usually held from 10.00am till 11.00am on a Saturday morning in the church, which is when you will be given the information as to what you have to do, and the necesary papers.  But don’t worry.  There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.  The Vicar, or a churchwarden will explain how simple it all is, and before you can blink your eye it will be the day for the baptism practice in church.  This is usually on the first Sunday of the month at 11.00am, and baptisms on the third Sunday at 11.30am.  Both parents, and all the godparents, are invited to attend the 'practice' so that they will know what is expected of them at the baptism service.

There are, however, three things that must be considered.  They are, firstly, the parents must live within the parish boundaries; or secondly, have a strong family connection with the church; or thirdly, a member of the close family must have worshipped at the church on a regular basis.

Something to keep in mind though, is that it would be nice to welcome you to a service sometime prior to when the baptism service is to be held, and to services after the baptism.

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